Cut outs

Cut Out Photography – Leeds, Wakefield and Across Yorkshire


Products shown at their best with perfectly crafted lighting, simply placed on white or grey backdrops can sometimes be the greatest way of promoting an item. We can conveniently set-up and shoot on your premises for a small fee, just call now to discuss your needs.

Here at IR product photography we specialise in making beautifully simple yet meticulously crafted shots that can be left purely as they or alternatively can be cut-out in order for them to be digitally dropped onto another background.

Our most cost effective package ‘super basic’ gives you an image of your product on a white seamless backdrop. Our competitive prices are limited to single items no larger than 1.5metre square or heavier than 50kg when ordering 5shots or more per session. Give us a call about items that exceed these parameters for us to give you a better idea of photography costs. Let us know if you have seen a certain style of cut-out that you would like to emulate.

Let us know if you need more than one item in each shot and we will work out a great deal for you.

Cut Out Photography Prices:

Hi resolution perfectly lit image of item on a pure white background
Hi resolution image (as above) of items that have uncomplicated outlines e.g.wardrobe provided along with a clipping path
Hi resolution image of item with many/complicated outlines e.g. bike or necklace provided on a white surround with clipping path
As above but when post-work / pre-work and styling is required e.g. kitchen appliance in operation.

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