Fashion – Flat Cut-outs

Fashion Photography – Flat Cut Outs


This is the most cost effective way of photographing clothing if you have an extensive range and the garments aren’t high-end fashion.

Work wear and uniforms look great just laid flat or with perhaps a little movement in the fabric as shown with the children’s shirt pictured here. This particular client went for a rustic surface for the garments to be shot against in order to make their website stand out from the crowd. This can really enhance the brand image in a simple but effective way without it costing a small fortune.

In order to give your range a ‘brand identity’ you could use a particular coloured or textured background which could help to enforce your chosen ethos. Outdoor brand ‘mis-guided fools’ went for red cedar shingles and bulldog clip fixings for that bit of added interest. Call today for a quote and advise on your personally tailored solution.

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