Fashion – Ghost Mannequin

Fashion Photography – Ghost Modelled


Wondering what the difference is between clothing cut outs and invisible mannequin shots?

Ghost modelled or Invisible mannequin shots are just as the name would suggest – we shoot the garments in such a way that the end product looks like it has been shot on a mannequin but the mannequin is invisible or transparent, creating a floating garment with three dimensionality.

Flat Cut outs are shot without a mannequin and are shaped by a stylist. They can be shot either flat, hanging, with minimal movement, with lots of movement and creases, or even as outfits.

There is much more work involved before, during and after photographing clothing when it is to be used for ‘invisible mannequin’ images. This is why it costs more than standard clothing cutouts but the results can be much more dramatic and also more appealing to the potential customer. Just call us and describe exactly what you need in order for us to give you a quick quote.

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