HMI Lighting Hire

Photographic and film-making ARRI HMI Lighting Hire, 1000hz high speed option now available  – Leeds, York, Wakefield, Sheffield and Across Yorkshire

Calling all movie makers and stills photographers! Whether you are an amateur or a pro this is the most realistic and reliable lighting for any creative work.

HMI Fresnel heads create daylight calibrated constant light with such realism that they can be used through the winter months to create all kinds of believable direct sunlight effects and diffused light effects. Supplementing existing light or creatively lighting a dingy cellar – this continuous ‘white’ light is the answer. This makes these new Arri hmi lights (also known as MSR’s) perfect for any kind of still or moving image and film work in whatever weather and on any location. Shooting stills can be a pleasure when using HMI as there is no need for any camera sync. A tempremental flash sync can ruin what would otherwise be a great shoot.

Whether you need to supplement existing daylight (or flash) outdoors or you want to fire these Arri heads through windows to create shafts of sunlight we have the kit. You can completely create your own perfect light effects out on location or in a studio. We can advise and then deliver to you just what you need.

The Compact Arri heads can squeeze into all kinds of tight spaces and the silent / flicker free electronic ballasts can be tucked away out of sight. Each Fresnel head has a focusing lens so infinite adjustments can be made between a spot light or flood effect.

We can supply diffusion filter, warm up filter and fluorescent tube correction filter. If you need to correct filament lights to daylight in order to mix with HMI we can supply filter and advise you on technicalities, just give us a call. If you need advice on electricity generators for use out on-location just give us a call today. You can also ask us queries about the fuse size needed on location to ensure that you don’t trip the supply whilst shooting. Although these lights use a little more electricity than LED panels they deliver infinitely more light (and light which can be sculpted and filtered to more creative results). They do however consume much less electricity than equivalent tungsten lights. HMI delivers approximately twice the light output over the same input wattage of tungsten light. HMI’s bulbs are also much less delicate than tungsten bulbs and so there is less worry about moving or knocking the lights whilst they are warm.

Our prices include a sturdy stand and an extra-long cable. We will also deliver and pick up for free whenever suits you within a 10 mile radius. A small fuel charge will be added for pickup and delivery further afield.

High speed filming for use as slow motion playback or freeze frame stills is now on the rise. HMI and fluorescent lights are generally fine for speeds under 100fps as long as they use electronic ballasts and are set to flicker free. HMI lights do not suffer from the flicker which effects tungsten although high frame rates can show up certain types of arc instability unless high speed ballasts are used. To shoot at frame rates between 100 and 1000 fps we  now offer our high speed packages as standard which includes 1000 hertz ballasts along with the 1.2k heads. This brand new technology enables slow motion playback of any fast moving subject which could include a bullet leaving the barrel of a gun. This form of ultra slow-mo film making is becoming very popular with the reducing price of rental on cameras such as Red’s and Phantom’s. 300 Hz and 1000 Hz High Speed Ballasts makes it possible to achieve high quality flicker free images at frame rates of 1000 fps. Beyond 1000 fps could also be possible in theory but testing prior to the actual shoot would be advisable.

This type of filming will require more light than standard frame rate shooting and so hiring all four 1.2k kits would be advisable. The 2.5k ballast has a new high speed capability function of 300 Hz and so can be used alongside the 1.2k high speed ballasts. Testing beforehand is always a good idea when attempting something new such as ‘high speed filming’, please call in order to chat about our discount offer for testing our high speed kit.

Just give us a call today to find out how much you could save as we will beat any other genuine quotes. We can deliver to you where ever you are across the north of England, from Doncaster to Hull, Rochdale to Rotherham … we will be there in just a jiffy.

ARRI HMI Lighting Hire Prices:

575 w kit £50+vat per day …1000hz high speed
1200 w / 1.2k kit £70+vat per day, four in stock, these are 1000hz
2500 w / 2.5k kit £80+vat per day, 300hz high speed

5 days for the price of 4

Call us now on 07712284995 for availability

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