Product Shots

When a product deserves a little more drama in the way it is presented, allow us at IR product photography to deliver a bespoke product-shot that informs and allures the customer. This can be achieved through a combination of props, colours, textures and mood lighting culminating in an eye-catching and individual image. This tailored service for  more complex shots as showcased above can be as little as £40 per image.

Alternatively, products are sometimes shown at their best with perfectly crafted lighting, simply placed on white or grey backdrops. This slightly more budget method can often be the greatest way of promoting an item.

Here at IR product photography we specialise in making beautifully simple yet meticulously crafted shots that can be left purely as they or alternatively can be cut-out in order for them to be digitally dropped onto another background.

Our most cost effective package ‘super basic’ gives you an image of your product on a white seamless backdrop. Our rock bottom prices are limited to single items no larger than 1.5metre square or heavier than 20kg when ordering 5shots or more per session. Give us a call about items that exceed these parameters for us to give you a better idea of photography costs.

Let us know if you need more than one item in each shot and we will work out a great deal for you.

Why Choose Our Product Photography Service?

Great Value Professional Photography
Free Local Pick-up and Return Service
Friendly Reliable Service
Large Order Discounts Available

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